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For natural gas, water, or street  EMERGENCIES call our 24/7 emergency line (530) 257-7236


Natural Gas Theft

Natural Gas Theft and Your Safety

Call 530-257-7236 to report natural gas theft.

Theft of Natural Gas Puts Everyone at Risk

City of Susanville is committed to providing safe, reliable natural gas to our customers. We have a dedicated team of trained professionals who investigate theft and prosecute the perpetrators, frequently resulting in fines and/or jail time.

Report Possible Theft: Protect Your Home and Family

Tampering with or bypassing a natural gas meter is a dangerous and illegal act. When people tamper with meters or install illegal connections to divert natural gas into their home or business, they endanger your safety and your property.

Signs of Natural Gas Theft

·         Tools jammed in meter

·         Missing or broken meter seal

·         Anyone other than a City of Susanville Natural Gas employee working on a meter

·         Tubes running from in-ground piping

·         A meter missing the index that displays natural gas usage

·         Odor of leaking natural gas (Click here to read about how to detect a leak)

Tips for Preventing Natural Gas Theft

Become familiar with the natural gas pipeline and facilities in your area. Be observant of suspicious persons or activities and routinely check you meter to verify that no one has been tampering with it.