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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our SERVICE and provide the answers here. If you need addition information please call 530-257-1041



Why must snow be removed from the street?

Snow and ice must be removed from the street to provide effective use of equipment and personnel, minimize impact to the environment, help contain costs, and organize safe travel routes for emergency responders and the motoring public during winter storm events. Some inconvenience may be caused to citizens as snow is moved out of the street. In certain areas snow may be plowed onto sidewalks or into driveways. It is the responsibility of each property owner to clear their driveway and all sidewalk areas adjacent to their property. To reduce the problem of snow being plowed back into driveways, snow should be shoveled into yards rather than into the streets.


Why is snow plowed toward the curbs and driveways rather than to the center of the street in residential areas?

  • If snow is plowed to the center of the street, vehicles cannot cross the snow berm that is left, requiring equipment to follow the plow to open the intersections which is cost prohibitive to do citywide.
  • When snow is allowed to remain in the center of the street, daytime melting would leave a thin layer of water in the street which could freeze at night and cause a dangerous situation. Additionally, excess street surface damage would occur from the freeze/thaw cycle.


Why doesn’t the City clean out driveways with a loader after plowing? 

With approximately two thousand driveways in Susanville, this would be cost and time prohibitive. The City will remove snow from driveways for the elderly and handicapped. To be added to the snow removal list please call 530-257-1041.


Why is parking not allowed on City streets during snow removal?

  • Many snow storms come with little notice. Most often at night when you are sleeping. If your vehicle is left on the street and snow falls, it is difficult to move the vehicle into your driveway. It is much easier to park your vehicle in your driveway before the storm arrives.
  • City crews usually begin plowing in the early morning, before most people have the chance to move their vehicles. If plows are forced to go around a vehicle parked on the street, a hazard is created by narrowing the street width. If the vehicle is moved after plowing, the snow obstruction remains, which is a hazard and must be removed. This adds time and expense to snow removal operation. 
  • If vehicles are left on the streets, damage to vehicles and plow equipment could occur.
  • City of Susanville Municipal Code 10.32.040 states during the existence of snow conditions, vehicles shall not be left stopped, parked, standing or otherwise unattended on any street within the City limits. This section shall not prohibit the stopping of passenger vehicles for periods of time sufficient to load or discharge passengers from such vehicles. Where snow conditions have existed, parking may be resumed on any street as soon as snow plowing has been completed on